Working with a Real Estate Expert

We just purchased our first house in Denver, and now we are packing up our house and getting ready for the big move. I can’t believe it happened so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that we contacted our Denver realtor and began searching for homes. In less than a month, he found us the perfect home, and now he’s helping us sell our old house. I really did think that these types of things took longer, but he must be really good at what he does. If anyone I know needs a realtor, I’m definitely going to refer them to him.

When we were looking to buy a new home, I actually didn’t have a realtor in mind. I found his website online, and decided to look around. He seemed like a really smart, competent professional, which is exactly what I was looking for. I knew that I needed someone who would get results quickly, because I was working on an expedited timeline. When I first met him, I told him about my precarious timeline, and he was certain that he would be able to work with that. His willingness to take me on as a client was very much appreciated.

Within a matter of days, he had us looking at property in the area. He only showed us homes that he knew we would absolutely love. This was great, because we didn’t have to waste any time viewing properties that just wouldn’t work for us. His attention to detail was amazing, and I’m sure that he listened to every single word that I said, because the properties he selected were exactly what we were looking for. It was really hard to decide which house we wanted to choose, because there were so many possibilities. I’m happy that it’s all over now, and now we can focus on this new chapter in our lives.