Men Should Learn How to Layer Scents Too

I used to get one kind of soap, another kind of shampoo, another kind of cologne and another kind of deodorant. Not the best course of action. I learned that layering scents is the best way to have a signature scent. Layering using products that are the same scent is the way to go. Unfortunately, a lot of guys are wearing a bunch of different scents on their bodies after a shower. I wanted the full product line of what I use for daily hygiene to all be the same scent. I got everything from the best deodorant for men to the best cologne, soap, shampoo and even shaving gel.

My wife really likes it. She enjoys me always smelling good and not smelling like a mix of different things. She is the one that taught me layering. All of her products are either scent-neutral or the same as the perfume she wears. And I must say, she smells wonderful. I get a lot of compliments on smelling good now. Don’t get me wrong, I did not have BO before. No, I just had all kinds of different smells coming from everything from the body spray to the deodorant I was wearing. (more…)

My Daughter Collects Aluminum Cans

My daughter definitely has a heart to help others. She volunteers at the local homeless shelter in the kitchen at least once a week, and she also helps out at one of the local charities that helps collect food and clothes for people who cannot afford to buy them on their own. She wanted to do more though, and she came upon the perfect idea when she overheard her father and our neighbor talking about scrap metal prices. They were talking about it because of some local robberies where some copper was stolen from new home construction sites, but she was thinking about it in a different way.

She knew that a lot of people buy cans when they get beverages. We usually buy several cases a week just for our house, and I knew that we were typical in this. She talked to the pastor of our church to see if she could have a collection bin put there for aluminum cans, which he readily agreed when he learned she was going to use the profits to help people who were not as fortunate as most of us. (more…)

I Needed to Spend More Time Being Present at Home

Trying to find more things to keep me preoccupied at home seemed daunting, but that’s because I was not thinking outside the box. It’s actually a pretty simple thing to do. I had been going out a lot at night to party and do things that were not good for my health or my wallet. Now, I do things like visit Tubidy MP3 online or working out or reading. I have to say that I feel much better mentally thanks to staying home more and doing things that are good for me because I did not do that for a long time.

I was always on the go up until just recently. (more…)

Buying furniture items

There are many different reasons why one would feel the need to attempt to get in touch with some sort of a store that is selling lots of furniture in an attempt a make a profit. One of these reasons could be that one has just moved into a new house and are now in need of some sort of chair or bed to sit on in this newly acquired home. If you have recently entered into a position such as this one and are in need of an item or two to use in this manner then simply get in touch with a company like furniture stores san antonio tx and see if they would consider selling you some of their items for a reasonable price.

A Little Bit of Fun Left Me in a Lot of Pain

My daughter got a pair of rollerblades, and I loved watching her racing up and down the street at top speeds. We both wear the same shoe size, so she asked if I would like to try hers on and try some rollerblading myself. I eagerly took her up on that, and after just a few minutes, end up hitting the ground hard, Chicago acupuncture treatments are the only thing that helped me after many months of pain thanks to just a few minutes of fun with my daughter.

I think part of the issue is that I am overweight, and have not been good with staying in shape. I work at home, and I have little chance to get up and move around an office to interact with other workers. I no longer have a five-story flight of stairs that I need to traverse daily in order to visit different departments throughout every day. Instead, I sit at my own desk about ten to twelve hours per day to work from home. (more…)