My Insurance Company is Making Me Mad

It is not the way that I want to play it, but it is looking a lot like my insurance company is going to make me take them to court. That is all a big waste of time for me and for them, but they just do not want to give in even a little. I suppose that if I found the right Sacramento personal injury lawyer they would probably settle right away, but of course I am interested in my own bottom line. I am pretty sure that does not get helped very much when you have to share the settlement with a lawyer. The idea is obviously to end up with all of the money I need to pay all of my bills and it would not kill me if I got a little extra for pain and suffering or whatever it is that you want to call it.

It is hard for me to see where the hold up is really, beyond them not thinking that my car was worth what the Kelly Blue Book says that it is worth. That really is not my concern, since I have to get a new car. The other guy plowed into it really good and it went straight to the junkyard from that intersection. In fact I was just unlucky that the guy who ran that light did not have any insurance. In fact he was driving a car that belonged to this girl he was dating. At first she claimed that she had let him drive the car, but apparently at some point she got mad at the guy for some reason. After that she claimed that he had stolen the car. The result was that her insurance did not choose to pay and neither did my insurance company.