I Wanted to Become My Own Boss and Be in Charge of My Own Paycheck

I wanted to find a company who would offer a cheap Windows VPS so that I could get my own business up and running. I had been working for the same company doing sales for 11 years, and there was no chance for me to move up. I need the ability to make a path to becoming a manager, but it just wasn’t possible if I stayed at the same company. I knew that I had no other choice but to branch out on my own. I figured that i would give myself a year of being my own boss to see if I could cut it. It would be an adventure, and I was looking forward to it.

I am a hard worker, and my boss at my last company knew it. But he was in it for the long haul, and he said many times that he had no interest in moving on unless he became very ill or passed away. His intent was to stay with the company until he retired. I admired that in him because he had staying power. I was geting a little irritated about the situation. It was not his fault. The situation was that it was a small company and there simply weren’t any other positions for me to move up to, and certainly no more position for me to move up to. He said that he felt that they would lose me one day as a result, and he was right.

Once I found a business that could set up a VPS for me very inexpensively, I immediately got to work in uploading all my databases. I have a lot of different clients that I have earned over the years. I planned to call everyone and tell them that I was branching out by myself and that I would be happy to serve them.