Finding a Place to Freely Express Your Language of Desire

After several years of marriage, while happy and content with what we had in life, my husband and I participated in a relationship building seminar where we could learn to express our language of desire free of judgement and shame. Admittedly, we had gotten a bit complacent with our sexual relationship and took for granted that we would have sex on certain days at certain times and that we would be satisfied. Our life in general, as well as our sex life had become a bit routine.

The seminar was held in another town, far from where we lived and worked, which helped lessen inhibitions. We knew no one else there and felt free to express our issues and really enjoyed hearing the experiences of others as well as receive expert help in revitalizing our relationship on every level.

We found being able to talk about our desire for one another with others in a guided environment allowed us both to not be afraid to express our fantasies and our wants for our physical relationship. We each learned not only the kinds of things we needed to hear from the other, but the specific words we could use to express those desires and how they would invoke desire in one another.

Yes, it was embarrassing at times, but also very freeing. If we had known other couples in the seminar, I think we both would have backed out, but not knowing, nor caring what anyone else thought, helped us both to freely express our love and passion for each other and we enjoyed the encouragement and guidance we received from the seminar experts.

I am thankful I have a husband who is as committed to a lasting relationship as I am and was willing to put himself out there to make our marriage and connection as deep as possible.