Answers to Tech Troubles Are Easily Found Online

It used to be that I had a work laptop that I was allowed to bring home every night, so I had no reason to buy my own computer. This spoiled me because any time that I had a problem with my computer, one of our IT employees at work would fix the problem for me right away. I no longer work for that company, so I’m on my own for computer help now. Last night, I had a confusing error that showed up on my laptop. I panicked at first. But then decided to search & found and the answer to what the error message was. Not only that, but I learned how to fix the problem that was causing the error through that same site.

I am getting better at being able to handle many more issues with my computer. I have been working with them for many years, but have just never had to fix any issues myself. So, anytime that I have had some sort of glitch lately, I suddenly feel overwhelmed. But I am learning that is mostly never a necessary feeling because there are so many answers that can be found on the Internet. I feel much more comfortable with making changes when I need to in order to fix things.

After I easily fixed the error I received last night, I started thinking about learning how to do tech support for one of the many companies who offer that sort of job to workers who work at home. I always thought that working on a computer would be really hard, but I am finding that I am pretty good at it. So far, I have been able to fix just about anything that happens, and I’ve done that without any formal training at all.