About Us

We have been in business since our introduction in1985. Air Jordan has brought you sneakers that have been carrying the name and signature style of Michael Jordan, the basketball player of world renown.


We began with the standard high top of Nike and slowly evolved with innovative and adventurous designs. Before Air Jordan came on to the scene, basketball shoes were predominantly available only in white. Once Michael Jordan entered the world of basketball, the entire shoe scene changed and revolutionized the athletic footwear business. The sales of Air Jordan and the diversity of its business, in fashion, shopping and shoes changed for the better with the entry of Michael Jordan on to the scene.


Since 1985, there have been regular brand revivals of Air Jordan shoes. Fans have been able to uncover a variety of brands. Every year, since its inception in 1985, expectations have been met steadily from the athletic industry, the media and the consumers. With every passing year, Air Jordan has been able to meet the challenging and growing demands in the athletic footwear industry by raising its benchmarks higher and higher.


A perfect energy of cooperation has been found right in the heart of our establishment in terms of competitive spirit and guidelines in advancement, configuration and execution of footwear designs. Throughout his distinguished career, Michael Jordan has been consciously promoting the shoes he has been wearing on his path to super stardom. He is considered as the best player the basketball world has seen. He drove the Chicago Bulls, single-handedly, to six NBA titles and he also picked up the Most Valuable Player Award for an unprecedented five times. The shoes that he has worn have represented his resolute commitment to development, execution and accomplishment.


Air Jordan has continued to strive on expansion while establishing the rich history of innovative designs, outline and creative execution. The Company keeps on pressing in shaping the athletic footwear business in the shadow of this legendary player. Michael Jordan’s legacy lives on in the establishment of Air Jordan.


Today, Nike Air Jordan shoes have become a rage as we have found that fans always need what the players have worn and presented in terms of a brand. With support from its star endorser like Michael Jordan, Nike has been able to control a mesmerizing ninety per cent of the basketball shoe market in the United States of America. Earnings from the ball stock from Nike’s have grown by over ten per cent in the span of last few years. Air Jordan Shoes alone have brought in more than a couple of billions of dollars in deals in the United States of America in the last couple of years.


It can be presented as the most popular shoe brand and it has managed to build up a lineage of Air Jordan 11. In the course of the last few years, there have been six successful holiday Air Jordan 11 Retros. There were several low top releases with snake skin and patent leather offerings. There was a release in the past five years, in 2010, in celebration of the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of Air Jordan. During the last four years, since 2011, you have seen at least one Air Jordan 11 Retro Low featured. In 2014, the erstwhile `Pantone’ sample color way was packaged along with an Air Jordan XX9 as an ingredient of the `Ultimate Gift of Flight’ pack. Last year has also seen several low-tops with both IE and patent form. With numerous releases till date, fans cannot wait to see what the Air Jordan brand will offer in the next three years.