A New Look for the Big Day

I love my wife Jooeun. We were married ten years ago. My wife and I were married at a beautiful ceremony. I could still remember it like it was yesterday. There was a big problem, my weight. I gained more than fifty pounds since my wedding. My wife and I planned to renew our vows for our tenth anniversary. I was not able to fit my old tuxedo and I did not want to buy a new one. I researched the best weight loss shakes to help me in my time of need. I wanted everything to be just right.

I was not always out of shape. When I was a teenager, I was very skinny and energetic. I ran on the track team. I had a high metabolism back in my earlier years. I could eat anything and not gain a pound. When I got in my thirties, my metabolism slowed down and I became heavier. I also noticed I had extra fat around my belly. I thought I was so unattractive. I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Finding the perfect shake was ideal for me. I wanted a shake that could help me lose weight and had a good taste to it. I found a product that tasted like vanilla ice cream. It was very delicious and full of vitamin and minerals. It had protein to help me build my muscles. The shake also control my hunger levels. I slowly noticed my weight starting to decrease.

I was greatly pleased with the results. My weight loss regimen worked like a charm. I was able to fit into my tuxedo just like I did ten years ago. It felt like my wedding day all over again. Jooeun and I renewed our marriage vows to each aother and celebrated our ten years of marriage together. I hope that we will stay together for many more years.